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Weee thank u

Just a few things.

would be nice if the %(progress) and %(filesize) worked everywhere ie onlineuser.body.transfer. I know that it cant be added in uploads, but everywhere else would be cool
btw filesize that is setup in your default onlineusers.body.transfer doenst work in "SITE SWHO", the user that are downloading

200-| test2@ioftpd - down - 9kBps - DIR/file.r01 - MB
| %(user)@%(group) - %(status) - %(speed)kBps - %(pwd)%(filename) - %(filesize)MB

%(maxusers) doesnt seem to work anywhere. Or my ioftpd.ini is setup wrong.

Btw would it be possible with how many MB a user has uploaded? Dunno if its impossible or hard to do but if it would be possible and if you got the spear time over
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