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* sitename(display site name)
--> no problem

* users online(display number of users online)
--> %(usercountall) available in onlineuser.foot.nfo ... need it in downloaders/uploaders/idlers as well ?

* max users(display ftps max amount of users allowed to connect)
--> i *could* read this from system.ini, but i guess it's not changed that often, so 'hardcoding' it in a template file should not be a problem. however, i'll consider this one.

* clients host(optional to ips)
--> 'problem' : ip2hostname is a blocking function, if there are users online without a hostname, the call can hang for several seconds
solutions: 1. not use it. 2. multithreading. in VB, that means writing an unstable program. i'd rather write a program that won't crash, with a little less functionality.
but: i WILL implement ip2hostname in ioGui (caching the hostnames will reduce the hanging problem to a single time).

(i'm drunk, so ignore anything i've written )
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