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I went throught this a week or two ago.

*** It's not the fact if RAIDEN is worth the effort or not.

It's the fact that some sites do use Raiden and that is that.

As well as what your own user base uses as a site to site xfer.

The only point here is one item at this time:

Use 1 or the other - but that is not a solution nor fix for SysOps
and not their end users.

The only fix is a 3rd name which is compatible with both, and that
name is older than both IO and Raiden and works with both quite

So, sites like mine who were waitng for the BW control, now have
to wait once again until this current nonsense has calmed down
on the part of ftpd's and as well as clients going through some
teething problems on who will end up with the biggest chomp!

There is ALWAYS a way around a problem...until things calm down.

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