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Hi there,

Just to add a little note to this problem .. I have tried raising this issue on the RaidenFTPD forum only to find that..

a> the word IOFTPD is replaced with [censored] in a very childish manner.

b> after about 2 hours the post was completely deleted with no word about why but probably to hide this problem (I only hope some people read the post before it was removed)

I have really liked and recommended Raiden over the years (It was one of the only pieces of software that I have actually ever paid for) and I had a bunch of very personalised Perl scripts which i lovingly crafted over many months.

This sheer childishness and inablity to admit this problem (and a few other problems I have had in the past) has meant that you guys will be receiving some money from me very shortly and I will have to find a way to convert these scripts over to IO They have sucessfully driven away a loyal customer.

Please excuse the ranting .. I just hope that IO will be my new choice for windows FTPD software from here on in



(any links for tutorials on script writting for IO are very welcome !)
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