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Hello dark,

It would be cool if you add some commands to check activity per services/users/groups

examples :

activity <service> :

--> [activity "FTP_Service"] return :

"uid" "gid" "pwd" "ident@ip" "path" "flags" "speed" "idletime" "action (DL/UL/IDLE)"

activity <-user> :

--> [activity "-ViNcE"] return :

"uid" "gid" "pwd" "ident@ip" "path" "flags" "speed" "idletime" "action (DL/UL/IDLE)"

activity <=group> :

--> [activity "=STAFF"] return :

"uid" "gid" "pwd" "ident@ip" "path" "flags" "speed" "idletime (in seconds)" "action (DL/UL/IDLE)"

(don't forget the quotes so we can get info easily)

and return -1 on error if service/user/group doesn't exists or something else...

We can maybe be able to use that too :

activity <-user1 -user2 -user3 ...>
activity <=group1 =group2 =group3 ...>

That's all for me maybe a lot for you, but if u want to make a version especially for itcl scripters, make it complete and well :P

Have fun!

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