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Default iTCL morons.. read this

Fancy topic ehh... now have this: :banana: before you'll start drooling...

I'm devoting next version for itcl updates. List of planned updates is below. If you have any suggestions, speak now or wait for ever.

isopen : Returns id of open userfile, -1 on error
open : Opens userfile
reload : Reloads userfile
lock : Locks userfile
unlock : Unlocks userfile
bin2ascii : Converts userfile to ascii
ascii2bin : Converts ascii to userfile (userfile must be locked at this point)
swapactive : Swaps open userfile with current user's active userfile (if any)

isopen : Returns id of open groupfile, -1 on error
open : Opens groupfile
reload : Reloads groupfile
lock : Locks groupfile
unlock : Unlocks groupfile
bin2ascii : Converts groupfile to ascii (groupfile must be locked at this point)
ascii2bin : Converts ascii to groupfile

load : Loads mountfile (vfs file)
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