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Exclamation Does ioftpd really follow the RFC's?

I've noticed a lil variation with ioftpd comparing to every other ftpd i've tested. (well real old windows ftpd's doesnt count)

All ftpd's have a certan amount of fields/chars in the dirlist.
So if i use some kinda scripting it's pretty easy for me to determine files and folders.
So far i've tested the following ftpd's
  • glftpd
  • proftpd
  • pure-ftpd
  • vftpd
  • G6 (Bulletproof) ftpd
  • serv-u
  • raiden ftpd

Everyone of them works the same way

The code i use is the following test string (some more to it but this is the important part.)
it knows that after 55 chars the foldername begins.
It works on all mentioned ftpd's except for ioftpd.
That makes one wonder why ioftpd is breaking a standard or is it just pure luck that the others are simular

Snippet of my perl code:

my @test = $ftp_a->dir;
my @dirs;
my @files;

foreach (@test) {
if (substr($_,0,1) eq "d") { push (@dirs,$_); }
else { push (@files,$_); }

my @dirnames;
foreach (@dirs) {
push (@dirnames,substr($_,55));

my @filnames;
foreach (@files) {
push (@filnames,substr($_,55));
YES there are probably ways to get around this with other coding but the thing is that if ioftpd doesnt follow a certain standard/rfc there might come up more problems later on.

Is this a thing thats goin to be changed in ioftpd or am i totally lost here and should shove my code somewhere hehe.

Would be really nice with some comments so that i know if i should go change my entire code or there will be a update on ioftpd

Thats about it

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