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Default sheduler problem

hallo there,

i am using ioFTPD 5.2.10r with ioA, ioZS, ioGui and ioGroups in latest versions...


i tried to use weeklyset (from ioA) to give credits to users on the 1. of every month.

started testing today (October 29th) with
credits = * * * * EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe weeklyset

well this worked... but setting * * * 29 didnt and any other combination up to 0-9999 also didnt work. so i think that day of month is something wrong...

also: what happens if day of week is 5 and day of month is 10 and it would work like it has to... will io wait for a combination of exactly 5/week AND 10/month to execute?

and : anyone else having problems with weeklyset like:

site weekly --> ok file displayed
site weeklyset --> ok all weeklysets are done
site weekly <user> 0,10000 --> only help displayed .... nothing is written to the file.

thx in advance

edit: atm i am testing out the day of the week settings

edit: also doesnt work here...
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