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Default Something interesting

Short History here:
I'm using the latest 'Official' reliz of Flash with windows XP Pro.
I' m a lucky/happy subscriber of very fast cable internet and download a lot from behind of XP Firewall.
Esterday, I had 3 Flash windows open in background and downloading at the same time-all three were were 'collecting'at different speeds of approximately 15 to 30 KBs. Meanwhile, I was surfing with IE and have found a nice 36MB document, I wanted.
IE6 downloaded this doc. at approximately 350KBs (do not gloat,OK).
What amazed me that ONE of the open Flashes suddenly started to gain speed and ended up at 210 KBs (from 25). And I do not mean that only speed indicator rose, but MBites started klicking as well (you can see it at those speeds, like on MB in a little more then a sec). The rest of Flashes did not display anything like that and remain constant. After a minute of less of IE download the affected Flash returned to boring 25KBs.
I repeated experiment a few times with a different ultra-fast HTTP and FTP sourses and the result was the same.
The same day I downloaded a large file (more then half a Gig) at 700 KBs+ (constant) with Flash, so program is OK.

Anyone has an Idea?

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