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Unhappy checking/queueing access to file in tcl ?

hi, i started using a sql .dll in itcl for queueing access to the stats log file in a zipscript, but this is slow and mechanical (and now i got a new bug with it :X).

is there some trick to checking the status of a file with another tcl instance of zipscript, ie.

zs_1 has.ioftpd.log 'open' (thus i would read this as 'locked').
zs_2 checks 'status' of .ioftpd.log, if opened by another script ('locked'), queue.
zs_1 'closed' ('unlocked') .ioftpd.log
zs_2 'opens' .ioftpd.log (thus 'locking' it somehow).


any help, thx.
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