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Originally posted by MaistroX
Would have posted something like this myself, but I did´nt dare !
You will see that my next one is even bolder - and will go
somewhat like this....

I asked for a feature the same day here and over at r****n
and if you scan my messages there, I also nudged r****n into
the spanned dir's they use - I got banned there 3 times on a
few issues, so following my alais might be hard...thewarden,
ye old fart, glb ... I am a friggin pest

It's already in r*****n and works 101% perfect and the turn
around was 24 hours !!!!

Anyways, the feature is the main thing and overall, I have to
say that I am amazed at the increased cached of dir's - I have
cached my overall 3.2 terrabytes on site 1 of my systems and
they are now "INSTANT" to the more waiting like
before. Doing site 2 today.

A dir with 1000+ = 2 seconds or less once cached and this is
user after user and it auto updates as mods are made.

you know - a busy site then wait 1,2,3,4,30,40 secs for a dir...

not now - 1,2, there it is and this was even with a combined
cached temp vfs dir of 34,489 rip dirs....almost INSTANT!

Owner and dir Size = ON! Across the network, so if you ever
ran this type of setup, then you will know this is a huge overall
performance boost to the end user - with the cost - a little ram!

MIND YOU - instant is based on many things, don't read this
wrong...but compared to the old way - the new way is a blessing
to the users and the system.

When I get emails from some of these people stating HOLY SHIT,
I know them...they don't do this for nothing.

I'll wait another day to nudge Darkone directly on this

Hmm, maybe I already did ?

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