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Let me clarify something. FlashFXP DOES NOT, "phone home" as has been said. What it DOES do, is authenticate registration data against our database in order to provide you access to live update. Live update is not available to non-registered users because of the extreme demand it puts on our servers. The live update function is a "bonus" feature for our valued registered members. None of your personal information EVER travels across the internet. The only thing that is passed is an encrypted version of your key, which is only used to validate your access to our liveupdate server. Due to our constant efforts to provide the best support, a live update automatically runs after you register. This has proven to be very beneficial as many people are running old/buggy versions of flashfxp, and updating keeps redundant support calls to a minimum. Every time you use liveupdate, a hash of your key is sent as the "username/pw" to let you access it. This is in no way meant to be secret and we are going to display the "logon" process in future version of liveupdate.

THE ONLY reason anyone has a problem with what we have implemented is if they are trying to use a cracked/serialed version of FlashFXP. In that case, you don't deserve even a comment on any of this.

If any legitimately registered user has a real problem with what we are doing, we will certainly address those concerns, as we always have.

I believe FlashFXP is on the verge of becoming THE premier ftp/fxp client for both business and personal use, and I will soon be drafting a privacy policy for those of you with questions. Please do not let one half-cocked idiot deter you from experiencing FlashFXP. If you have any other questions, feel free to IM me, or email
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