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The xeio arguments are so poor, stupid & subjective that only can be said by a paranoid person.

1) If you are so paranoid check with a sniffer your ports and network traffic

2) Giving the source code of the program for free/when you buy it?¿... one of the dumbest things that i've heard... we're talking about a COMMERCIAL program. You're paying for the program NOT for have access to it's source code. No more comments.

3) FlashFXP it's one of the BEST FTP/FXP client that i've used in many, many time; not only for its excellent perfomance (through it's versions) and options but that it doesn't have spyware & ad-ware components inside it... can, for example, CUTEFTP say this?... no. (Learn to flame in the right way).

4) If you have a better FTP/FXP/SSL client than FlashFXP show us, if haven't SHUT UP.

5) With your kiddy arguments it seems that instead of being a person who has proven the FlashFXP occasionally he is somebody that works for other FTP companies... there is always some rat in the boat ...

C ya.

PS: sorry for my english.
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