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this log didnt help, all it does is tell me that there were attempts to kill the connection for a user which failed due to the point that your script is hanging or whatever reason. ioftpd doesnt allow the kick to happen ergo sitekill cant make it happen. If this kind of behaviour occurs a lot you should use ioProcess to see which scripts are hanging in io. WIth ioProcess yiu can also kill those processes.

Example of use:
On connection 1 I have a small program that is hanging. It apparently is taking quite some seconds.
This program is args.exe which I called from an event in ioFTPD.
So I type via connection 2:
site proc (so I execute ioProcess.exe under ioFTPD).

And as reply it gives me:
200- pid: process started at kernel user
200- exefile yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss mm:ss mm:ss
200- 3992: args.exe 2004-04-21 21:12:23 00:03 00:52
200- 4060: ioProcess.exe 2004-04-21 22:24:04 00:00 00:00
200 Command successful.

The 1st column is the process id.
The 2nd column is the exe that is called.
The 3rd and 4th column are the date/time when the process was started, this is a criteria
for determining a hanging process. In this example process 3992 has been hanging for more then
a full hour.
The 5th column is the time used in the kernel-mode, here 3 seconds (for pid=3992)
The 6th column is the time used in the user-mode, here 52 seconds (for pid=3992)
If one of these columns is quite high then apparently the process is hanging or very busy.

Since 3992 seems to be hanging I type:

site proc kill 3992

with result:

200-args.exe terminated
200 Command successful.

Dont forget to check the date/time to see which of the processes is hanging.
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