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2.0.5:Changed:Cosmetic update on total connections killed, the reasons were not seperated by a space.
Addedarameter to disable the output (needed when running from the scheduler)
If the very first parameter is debug then all kinds of debug info is given out. It helps me to resolve bugs.
sitekill debug "idle>120"
If the very first parameter is silent then there will be no output given whatsoever. This is needed when sitekill runs in the scheduler.
sitekill silent "idle>120"

How to use this command in ioFTPD 5.x? (not 5.0.x)
Lets say we for example want to kick all idle ftp users.

KillIdlers = 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * EXEC ..\scripts\SiteKill.exe silent "idletime>120" service=FTP_Service

or as a site command:
KILL = EXEC ..\scripts\sitekill.exe

Use the same lines without the EXEC for ioFTPD 5.0.x
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