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hmmm, I use for ex: "site kill user=MaistroX" , and then sitekill crashes and when I close the crashscreen it kill´s what I asked, thats odd !? what to do ?

I installed all right but instead of useing "KILL = EXEC ..\scripts\sitekill.exe"

since I run "ioFTPD version 5.0.13r"

I use "KILL = ..\scripts\sitekill.exe"

to get it to work at all.


I allso have 2 sevices "FTP_Service FTP_Service2" so whats the correct lines then to have commands work for both, what do I put in ioFTPD and were ?

please help.

ps. anyone yet maked a site command pack for all commands with sitekill for ffxp yet ?
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