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Originally posted by Mouton
your vfs is probably phony.
ok you were right, for iobanana, this .vfs is correct :

"Z:\TOOLS\ftp\\test_banana\root\" /

and this one is not correct :

"Z:/TOOLS/ftp/" /

Both spelling should be correct and parsed correctly by iobanana ! ioFTPD is a tcl embeded environnement, path declaration character is "/" and not "\" which is a TCL control character (have to use \\)
Morevover i have noticed many parsing problems of iobana.ini, for example a space character added at the end of a path declaration ...

A little quote from your installation note :

Note 2: If there is a trailing / or \ in the sample config option, I suggest you use the same notation if you want a working script... Meaning: don't expect io_path=C:\ioFTPD\ to work correctly!

You can add some notes unless you debug & improve your parsing module.

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