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Originally posted by Mouton
I doubt there's a sane and simple regexp lib for vc++...
I use re_lib. not easy to play with, but working great.

btw, it's () not {} to fetch values.

not sure i understand what ur trying to do though...
in fact, i'm sure i don't!
i finally got greta to compile (that unimportant file i didnt link was important afterall), but i cant get it to do what i want, i can get it to extract the whole match but not part of it...
in perl compat yea () is grouping set,, i know of some that use {} for sets though

anyway, say i have
This random >> hello kitty << boo bob random random
i wanta extract first word in >><<
so i do like ">>.* .*<<" but my match will be ">> hello kitty <<" and not just "hello", id have to explicatly say i want use the first one (like perl it would be $1 i think), i sware there is some way to say "match this but dont count it"
im not sure that makes any more sence than what i posted before, heh

oh well, **** the regular expressions anyway, ill do it staticly
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