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Default 5.1.0 discussion

Main focus has been on modules, optimizations & code clean-up.. however, if there is something small that you would like to see in it, post your suggestion here...

I think, that I have already mentioned on irc (efnet #ioftpd), that 5.2.0 will be focused on http admin interface. 5.3.0 should be first version to include some sort of speed limits (per device & per user) and 5.4.0 will introduce encryption threads & remove os buffering from sockets and files.

As usual, I'm not giving you any dates.. and if you dare to keep asking me about release dates, you can be sure that you get ignored permanently You may, and should however, discuss about features, timelines (priorities) & such.

... ahh yes, 5.1.0 should be done by this weekend
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