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Default ioBanana news

|Harm| takes the project.
I gave him all source, all donators info (so he knows who donated), etc.

Posted a version on

Free version limitations:
- imdb: title and year only + no irc announce
- exclusion: you can't exclude any dirs; all excluded_dirs_xxx parameters will be ignored (latest, sitenew, zs, dupecheck, nfolog)
- undupe: disabled (even auto-undupe of .bad files!)
- dupecheck: files only (no dirs dupechecking)
- up/download limiter: can't limit downloads, only uploads
- spider symlink checker: disabled
- cid: disabled (ioBMonitor support disabled)
- bnctest: will always return "down"

A no-license-needed full version (of v18) is available to all donators. pm me (IRC) if u didn't get yours yet.

|Harm| is free to do whatever he pleases with the project; require donations, charge to get full version, etc.
He can't publish the source-code or release it in any form. He didn't intend to anyway

You can now stop pming me to ask questions; u'll only be ignored anyway. Ask in #ioBanana.
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