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i also have some slighter probs left with ioTRiAL

-- ioTRial.exe qnow

doesnt add the users to quota wich are already on site,
not iND,... or the EXEMPTED like SiteOP,...

dat file looks like
but no users added, must be all added manually..

-- site quota add <user>

no announce in IRC like ->- [QUOTA] + xxx has been added to quota.

also doesnt appear in the !passed like the trial users


> (iNFO) There are 0 user(s) on quota and 1 user(s) on trial.
!passed user1
> (TRiAL) user1/TRiAL has 1 day(s) left, and uploaded 0mB. Needs 50.0mB to pass (50mB)....
!passed user2
> (QUOTA) mrt@iND has uploaded 0.0mB. Needs 100mB to pass (100mB/Month) and Theres 13 day(s) left....
!info quota total
> (QUOTA) There are 1 user(s) on Quota.

so actually on !passed user2 & !info quota total the quota user is there,
but not on !passed command

-- >- [TRIAL] + Congratulations user has passed trial.

this announce doesnt work here anymore with latest ioTRiAL,
working only with 5.0.14 or so

setup is

io5.13, ioA0.81, ioZS 1.06, newDir 2.2, dzsbot 0.0.85, ..

may any conclusions for that ?

cheers ahead
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