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Mmmm .. sounds like som of the files loades is not as big as my program wants it to be ..

Make sure that you have a "[end]" at the bottom of your ioCMDNew.ini.

Try to delete the empty ioCMDNew.log file .. and load your favorite text edit program. And Cut/paste and save this ( ioCMDNew.log ) row WHIT A RETURN AFTER! :

02-17-2004 17:56:46   TEST        iND        dvdr    Stop.With.The.Rls.Names.Already-SIGH
Ther should be 79 chars in that row. ( with spaces and all ).

Now log in at your ftp and type the raw command "site new".
NOW the new line is seen ( i hope ) ..

Try to make a TEST folder in one of your sections and then try the "site new" again.

MAYBE your ioFTPD.log is EMPTY of uploads... OR it is smaller than 400 Bytes ? ( i'm loading 400 bytes from the bottom of the ioFTPD.log file to get the newest row ).
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