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I thought I might note that none of the files that failed to transfer are being downloaded completely. It would appear you have FlashFXP set to Skip files that are incomplete, rather than to Resume them.

This indicates that the transfer is timing out, likely due to lag as Mxx suggested.

What does "timing out" mean, you ask?
Well, lets just say it means the client ran out of patients and isn't going to wait any longer for the server to respond.

*** FIX ***

Give FlashFXP a cigarette to ease it's nerves and increase it's patients for slow insecure pubs. ..Or...
Goto: Options > Preferences (F6) > General Tab > Connect Timeout (sec): and increase thie value.

I could be wrong however. I vaguely remember testing these timers with Charles and it's possible the transfer-timeout timer is hard coded to 120 seconds.
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