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Originally posted by ADDiCT
Ok, made this in 10 mins.
It will check ident@ip for addip/adduser/gadduser events

edit ioftpd.ini :
site = ..\scripts\ioSecureAdduser.exe
(tell me if it's any good)
Is there any chance you could make it not allow adding IPs like:
*@* or even 1 number like *@128.* (an option that will be set in ioftpd.cfg by the admin), for example, something like:
minimumIPnumbers = 0 will allow adding *@*
minimumIPnumbers = 1 will not allow *@*, BUT will allow adding IPs like *@128
minimumIPnumbers = 2 will only allow IPs like *@128.217.*
3 will be 3 numbers and 4 will be only exact IP.

AND the ftp output when somebody try to add *@* (or any other, according to the option in the cfg file) when it is blocked would be something like "Can't add IP, not specific enough"


P.S. Damn, I wish I was a programmer
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