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with the flashfxp script i get 6 users, 3 groups..thats OK.
-> what script would that be ?

Any chance u are connecting to another installation of ioFTPD on your computer? OR! having ioGroups.ini pointing to another installation on your harddisk?
I haven't had any complaints on ioGroups where users/groups didn't get listed in ioFTPD 4 (unless files were ****ed up)

MaistroX -> if it's needed, u can add a 'cancel' command to the menu to make it disappear:
menu_tray = cancel | $null

If i add the event to rightbuttondown, u need to click the icon twice.
If i add the event to rightbuttonup, the menu won't disappear unless u clicked it.
i'll see what i can fix about this

Edit: ok, got the tray menu issue fixed, a simple DoEvents did the trick
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