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Default problem

well, first my compliments for this great tool!
thats what i missed @ ioftpd

with the flashfxp script i get 6 users, 3 groups..thats OK.

when i connect with 1.1.16, in the FTP window i also get these 6 users first..(top uploads, default login.msg)

but under it, there is standing:

23:22:13 200-(groups) 0 | ioftpd | 2
23:22:13 200-(groups) 100 | lSpeed | 0
23:22:13 200-(groups) 1 | NoGroup | 0

and in the user&group list are not my added users&groups, there are the 2 default users in the default group..(telnet, ioftpd)

i have no idea how i could fix that..i also rehashed my config..

thanks for any tipps

ps: i'm using 4.9.4u bea & iogui 1.1.16
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