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I finally decided to try this gui thing out. I get an error in FTP tab:

02:25:11 200-ERROR in clsUser::ReadUserfile() at line 0 : Overflow
02:25:11 200-ERROR: could not open userfile "100"
02:25:11 200- LastError =
02:25:11 200-----
02:25:11 200-(groups) 100 | crew | 1

The userfile 100 exists, and UserIdTable has entry for that userfile. 100 is my own account and it has the M flag. The userfile doesn't contain any strange negative stats values or anything like that. I still get this error when I've entered my own account as login in ioGui. I'm in group 'crew' that has 2 members. GID for 'crew' is also 100. Group file user counter says USERS 2. Can't see myself under User Settings tab.

Any ideas?

P.S. Update button under Server Settings is always greyed out for me.
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