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First I must say that this tool really is starting to look good !
Now some comments.
Originally posted by ADDiCT
2. do u mean setting user bw limits ? not implemented in ioFTPD yet ?
True, but every siteowners hope that it will be I guess.
If you add the fields we might get it sooner in io ?

Originally posted by ADDiCT
3. noop command, i'll add that, but i don't know if that avoid timing out (anyone?)
No, I actually don't think it will, but my dream is that I could give special flags to those that admin the server so they could idle longer than other users.

On the "User settings" tab I think you could place the "Ident/IP list" box below the other stuff and then make the fields for username, group and flags a little wider.

Also the allowed amount of logins could be added to the user details and with an option to change this.

Would it be possible to record commands made to a file and then to import them and run on another site ?
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