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oki, since u´re "ON" to it, maby I can give a couple of suggestions/requests !? (i do it anyway)

In "User Settings"->

1. in "All Groups" theres nummbers would be nice of there waas space and if it could look something like ex:
103 masters
104 teesers
111 Lamers
and so on, just an example! Easyer to overlook then.

2. "Max Speed Up" & "Max Speed down" windows so chnage settings by /user would be nice, dont know if its able to do yet, but nice to have it there thoup. :P

Other stuff:
if possible make so the ioGui makes somekind of "Noop" command so it dont get kicked for Idle , could be only me getting that, but that dont happend on site by ex: FFXP .

THX again for ypur outstanding work !
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