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Great work on that resizeable, but could u also make it resizeable to "User Management" and the left side allso so u could resize in there to so u are able to expand the look of thoose three; "Username" "group" "flags" , sometimes people have long UserNames, and then it´s hard to see it all ?

""purge user" --> what exactly is this supposed to do ?"

A option for "Purge User" is used when u have deleted someone , but there all info is still present in readd script, so both; a "Purge User" and a "Re-Add User" would be alot appreciated

and maby add a button like "reconnect" somewere in gui, so u could easyly reconnect again, on timeout ?

Ps. would allso be nice if the gui acctually rememberd the size I sat when I last set it!

THX in advance.
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