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Default ioGui

What is this ?

ioGui is a Windows Front-end for (remotely) administrating your ioFTPD server.
It uses the FTP service to get all info & perform commands.
It uses the Telnet service to list users & kick them. Alternatively, u can try ioGuiWho.exe to list users over the FTP service. The Telnet part of ioGui will most likely disappear when time goes by...

What can u do with this ?
  • view online users (kick them with external tools like ioBanana or SiteKill)
  • list all users + edit user's settings
  • list all groups + edit group's settings
  • get transferstats for each user / each group / entire server
  • get user/group stats for wkup/monthup/allup & dn etc..
  • edit server settings
  • perform telnet/ftp commands in the console tabs
  • browse the server and move/rename/delete/nuke/wipe files and dirs
Important remarks
  • Writtin in VB6, it requires 3 OCX files. You can get them here:
    (put them in the same directory as ioGui.exe)
  • This program has been tested on (and will work with) beta 4.9.4(u) / beta 5.*
    The telnet console will NOT work on 4.9.4(r), since that version has no Telnet service.
  • I strongly suggest u read through this thread if it's the first time u use this program, u might read some intersting things.
  • Latest version 1.1.22 --> get it here
Or check my website (see signature)
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