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Default Re: Re: pb imdb

Originally posted by bounty
well are you sure nfourl is installed corectly ?

tempDN is defined by nfourl physical path ($ppath2) variable and wrote in ioftpd.log with "IMDB:" msgtype

have fun
I changed location of 'nfourl.itcl'.
and i think that all editing is correct.
OnUploadComplete = TCL ..\scripts\dZSbot\scripts\nfourl.itcl
...[file exists D:/ioFTPD/logs/nfos.log] } { set newid [open D:/ioFTPD/logs/nfos.log a]...

If i upload MOV, get this error.
[03:11] Tcl error in script for 'timer154':
[03:11] char map list unbalanced
[03:11] dzsbot rehash
[03:11] Writing user file...
02-19-2004 03:11:15 NEWDIR: "ioFTPD" "ioftpd" "/MOVIES/TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA" "D:\_ioFTPD\MOVIES\TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA"
02-19-2004 03:11:16 IMDB: "/MOVIES/TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA/obus.nfo" "" "ioFTPD" "ioftpd" "D:/_ioFTPD/MOVIES/TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA"
02-19-2004 03:11:16 NEWDIR: "ioFTPD" "ioftpd" "/MOVIES/TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA/CD1" "D:\_ioFTPD\MOVIES\TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA\CD1"
02-19-2004 03:11:16 SFV: "/MOVIES/TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA/CD1" "\003\00307-SFV-\003 \00314: Got SFV for TEst_MOVIE.Dummy.for.FTP.ZS-ALZZA (CD1). Expecting \00217\002F."
Only announce first NEWDIR. and NO announce all include IMDB.
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