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I got several problems with new dzsbot 1.03. When i do !bw it gives me this:

[BW] + Uploaders: ParseTemplateFile()@ERROR:kb/sec - Leechers: template@->kb/sec - Idlers: file - Total: missing:@iskb/sec

for !wkup 10 it gives me this:

ERROR: "user_file" is not a valid file.

other commands give bogus output too such as !leechers, !idlers, !uploaders, etc etc.

Anyone have any idea what is going on. I just replaced me dzsbot 1.0.0 with this one.....edited all the variables just like 1.0.0.

NM, LOL I FIXED IT.....I was in a hurry and didn't edit the new iogroups, uptime, and sitewho ini's .
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