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Default other ranking announce setup

for ranking announce you must add a cookie in your zipscript log STATS:

here is the modification for project-zs/zipscript-c

search for line:
#define user_top "%n. %B%u%B/%-10g [%.1mM/%fF/%.1p%%/%.0sKB/s]"

and replace with:
#define user_top "%n. %B%u%B/%-10g [%.1mM/%fF/%.1p%%/%.0sKB/s] - rank:%u"

here the cookie is rank:%u

here is the modification for php_psio

search for line:
$user_top = "STATS: \"%v\" \"%n. %B%u%B/%g [%mM/%fF/%p%/%sKB/s]\"";

and replace with:
$user_top = "STATS: \"%v\" \"%n. %B%u%B/%g [%mM/%fF/%p%/%sKB/s] - rank:%u\"";

here the cookie is also rank:%u

have fun
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