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hey man, great script but I am having a bit of a problem.

I have tried two different installations following everything in the documentation and I get the same results.

I can not get sitewho command to process any commands as far as I can tell. !who, !bw, !uploaders and the rest of the commands basically tell me no one is online. I don't get any errors displayed in the bot console window or dcc chat window when using these errors, as I said.. the bot replies back with no users online.

everything else seems to be working fine tho, the bot will display new uploads, stats, uptime and the other stuff. (except for !new and I read I had to get newdir for that to work, ill try that)

I'm wondering if you have any suggestions.

I just downloaded ioFTPD, and everything else, it all seems to be the latest stuff.

hey man thanks in advance,

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