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Default Newdir

Thanks Bounty, the bot works great and all triggers are working for me except for !new. I receive the following error:

[13:35] <ko0bz> [13:35] Tcl error [proc_news]: couldn't open "e:/ioFTPD/logs/newdir.log": no such file or directory

I tried creating the newdir.log manually and running the trigger again, this time the table actually draws but there is no new folders listed. I know this isn't the way to fix it but I thought it might give one an uderstanding. Its not creating the log file. I searched the dzsbot.tcl for "newdir" and found a few instances, but I honestly unsure what to change.

Anyone have any ideas?

P.S I downloaded everything about 2 days ago, so I think the vers are up to date.

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