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I bounty, i would like to let u know that i have a little error with thz dzbot 0.94 imdb check with this url :

I got this msg error :

[11:11] <|***|> [11:12] Tcl error in script for 'timer52269':
[11:11] <|***|> [11:12] couldn't open "f:/site/DiVX/test/[IMDB] - Action Adventure Animation Mystery () - Credited cast: Kevin Conroy .... Bruce Wayne of BatmanTara Strong .... Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (voice)Efrem Zimbalist Jr. .... Alfred PennyworthBob Hastings .... Commissioner James 'Jim' GordonDavid Ogden Stiers .... Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot of The Penguin (voice)Hector Elizondo .... Bane (voice)Kelly RipaKyra Sedgwick .... BatwomanJohn Vernon .... Rupert ThorneMathew Valencia .... Timothy 'Ti

Maybe it can be fixed, anyway thx for ur nice stuff,
cheers Cpas
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