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I did mention the bug in #ioftpd. The only response I got there was "1.73TB? Holy shit dude!" That helps me none. I also asked in #iozs (read your backlog) and got no response. Just endless idling. And I'm not one to put up with buggy software so I came up with a fix. If you don't like the fix, don't implement it. But don't *****. *****ing is for babies.

If you don't want others modifying your code and posting their fixes online, then don't release it. Be a hoopy and keep it to yourself and your "elite top sites."

I thought I was doing people a favor by helping those that actually have huge RAID arrays to have a fully functional script. Next time though I think I'll keep my mods to myself and save myself this ****ing hassle.

edited: I shouldn't try to be disrespectful either. Bad judgment on my part
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