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Default Re: a fix for freespace

Originally posted by romracer
The ioDiskSpace.exe that comes with dZSbot (or was it with ioftpd, I don't remember) doesn't properly calculate space for all drives, most notably network drives. I have a drive that is mounted as 1.73TB but the diskspace program only reports around 680GB. This of course makes !free not work properly on the bot, or to at least print out the wrong info. My solution was to modify the script to use a different binary. Here's how I did it.

blabla ....

I think that should about do it. I don't remember changing anything else though I might have. If this mod doesn't work someone let me know. You can find me on irc. One thing you'll notice is that %free space is missing when you do !free <section>. I just didn't feel like modifying that portion of code as I don't really care about %free. You can add it back if you want.

Many, many thanks go to a friend who modified the code to look for free space and total space in different columns in the output. And also for making it deal with spaces in volume label names. Never would have done it without.

Hope you guys like this and find it useful. I sure did. I've also included a a zip file with the df.exe file and my show_free proc in a text file if it makes it easier for you guys.
well m8 why just not report the problem ?? and wait the answer/solution/fix .. or what ever...
why ppl need to make home made modif and add them in this thread
sorry but i disagree this ... if you want share your home made solution/fix ... please create a new thread
by acting like this you maybe can confuse ppl

thx to understand what i want to tell you !!

have fun
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