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Hello, I use ioBanana v20
there is imdb 2.2.8 included.
Also i use windrop 1.6.18.
I added source scripts/imdb.tcl
to the eggdrop.conf. Now, it won't work ò.Ó , I type "!imdb" and nothing happens.
When imdb in ioBanana included is turned on, and I type "!imdb" the bot says: "IMDb info script v2.2.8 by B0unTy" when I type "!imdb rambo" it says:
<sitebot> [IMDB] + First Blood (1982) -
<sitebot> Directed by: N/A
<sitebot> Genre: Drama / Action / Thriller mehr...
<sitebot> Tagline: N/A
<sitebot> Synopsis: N/A
<sitebot> Rating: N/A (N/A votes) top 250:N/A
<sitebot> MPAA: N/A
<sitebot> Runtime: N/A mins.
<sitebot> Country: USA
<sitebot> Language: Englisch
<sitebot> Sound Mix: Dolby 
<sitebot> Budget: N/A 
<sitebot> Opening Weekend: (USA) N/A
Because of these N/A's i wanne change the imdb version.
But when it doesn't work o.O?

Please Help me :/

PS: i think i have to type ".chanset #channel +imdb" but this command doesn't exist in the Party Line

FIXXED: You have to change the imdb URL to

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