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Script is nice but has errors.. such as the following.. when doing... !imdb matrix revolutions in a channel it gives an error:
Tcl error [imdb_proc]:

..I did not play around with the script in order for it to give an error.. instead I asked a friend who knows TCL well and asked him what the problem could be and he said he didn't know but tried to give me workarounds which didn't work either..

..however when you do: !imdb matrixrevolutions'll output the movie fine but will give the above error with a space which is kinda annoying b/c the user who does a query wont be able to get the movie unless you tell them each time not to use a space!

Also ..the 'Screens' option.. where it says: Played on: #### screens... it goes by the last line in the box office information.. is there anyway you can change this to the default USA so it goes by the amount of screens from the USA..? If not can you give me a work around.

I'm more worried about the TCL error above than the screens though.. and its not just me who has that error to its many others. Thanks for the awesome script though!

By the way I'm using the latest version of your imdb.tcl that causes this.
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