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is anyone able to change part for credited cast. i would like to have all movie actors on one line like this:

Uma Thurman .... The Bride | David Carradine .... Bill | Daryl Hannah .... Elle Driver | Michael Madsen .... Budd | Vivica A. Fox .... Vernita Green | Lucy Liu .... O-Ren Ishi | Michael Jai White .... Alburt/Da Moe | Chia Hui Liu .... Pai Mei/Crazy 88 fighter (as Gordon Liu) | Chiaki Kuriyama .... Go Go Yubari | Sonny Chiba .... Hattori Hanzo

i think this will be better. Maybe it will be better to list only first 7 actors/actress. That will be enough too.

Could someone please help with change of the code?

					} elseif {($show_cast == 1) && ([regexp \[.\]*first\ billed\ only:\[.\]* $line] > 0)} {
						regsub -all \<\/\[t?r\>\]*\> $line "\n" cast
						regsub -all \<\[^\>\]*\> $cast "" cast
						regsub -all \&nbsp\; $cast "" cast
						regsub -all \\\(\[^\\\)\]*\\\) $cast "" cast
						set cast [htmlcodes $cast]
						foreach line [split $cast "\n"] {
							putserv "$toput :$line"
Bounty? Or anyone... Thanks...
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