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uhm... configged WarChive here, followed Zer0Racer's guide for announcing on IRC...

1) WarChive doesn't work from scheduler ( warchive = 1,11,21,31,41,51 * * * EXEC ..\scripts\warchive.exe )
2) WarChive works from DOS window ( C:\ioFTPD\scripts>warchive.exe )
Then I get output like this
- WarChive 0.9 ------------------------------------------------

- Deleting nukes ---------------------------------------
Deleting: f:\wi\BLA3\[Nuked]-bla1.bla2.bla3
!putlog WARCWIPE: "[Nuked]-bla1.bla2.bla3" "0" "/BLA3" "912" "912"
Deleting: bla1.bla2.bla4
!putlog WARCWIPE: "bla1.bla2.bla4" "155" "/BLA4" "912" "1067"
Deleting: bla1.bla2.bla5
!putlog WARCWIPE: "bla1.bla2.bla5" "189" "/BLA4" "1067" "1256"
Deleting: bla1.bla2.bla6
!putlog WARCWIPE: "bla1.bla2.bla6" "13" "/BLA4" "1256" "1269"
Deleting: bla1.bla2.bla7
!putlog WARCWIPE: "bla1.bla2.bla7" "649" "/BLA4" "1269" "1918"
Deleting: bla1.bla2.bla8
!putlog WARCWIPE: "bla1.bla2.bla8" "714" "/BLA4" "1918" "2632"
Enough space free on device

Well... it did worked kinda... here's my cfg (part of it):

As you see, folders BLA1 to BLA5 are all under same HDD, so when WarChive goes deleting stuff, it deletes as much as it can only from BLA4 folder... (still can't figure why from BLA4 folder and not from BLA1? maybe because really my BLA4 folder begins with an "A"?) Ok, so next time when I hit the limit, it'll delete some more stuff from BLA4 folder until it's empty (even if there is some really new stuf in it)...

I'm kinda lost... also I'm not talking about IRC announcements at all right now, I'm more interested in getting this utilitie to work...
The log format that I use in warchive.exe is default one:
warcwipe="%release" "%relsize" "%oldvfs" "%beforesize" "%aftersize"

Prolly it's not 100% compatible with new ioBanana 19? or ... damn I'm lost :x

btw, yes, I do use debug (set to 2) so if anyone interested in the log, pls msg me on IRC or send your mail in pm, I would really apreciate any help, thnx

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