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Default Thx for yr help...

maybe u can test it on win98se with p3 and 128mb ram~

highlight a local folder in flashfxp, then press enter and hold it without release~

u will find flashfxp will jump to the local folder highlighted, then to parent folder of the highlighted folder , then back to the local folder and so on.

for version b4 1.4 build800 , nothing wrong(only freeze for half sec. in every time interval)~

for version after 1.4 build800(eg. 1.4.3) hangs after few min or even few seconds.

This is the simplest method i know to make error.

if no error occurs when u test it in win98se with 128mb, i think it maybe my comp problem, and forget it.

Anyway , thx for yr help and u are so nice ~
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