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Default transfer engine

î would like to see a so called "transfer engine" in flashfxp, atm this engine is only used in cute ftp pro ( )

u may say that this "engine" is already implentinted in flashfxp, but the cute ftp pro engine offers some more features flashfxp does not offer... here the full description from the cute ftp pro help:

What is the Transfer Engine?

Built on a modular design platform, CuteFTP Pro’s FTP Transfer Engine (TE) is completely independent of the main application’s interface. Contol the TE either through the CuteFTP Pro GUI or through its industry standard COM (Component Object Model) interface using your favorite programming or scripting language, such as Visual Basic, Perl, ASP or JavaScript.

Unique to CuteFTP Pro’s TE SDK are powerful encryption properties that dictate how the control and data channels communicate with the FTP server. From SSL to S/key or SSH2, the CuteFTP Pro TE SDK covers all your secure file transfer needs.

What are the benefits of the Autonomous Transfer Engine?

The TE:

Is COM enabled
Takes up minimal resources
Handles background transfers
Handles scheduled transfers outside the main interface
Handles continuously scheduled folder synchronization events

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such a transfer engine is a very handy feature i only saw yet in cute ftp pro, maybe its possible to add to flashxp

(sorry for my bad english, i am just a german guy )

its just a suggestion to make the best ftp/fxp program more better. flashfxp roxx
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