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Default Freespace

Been testing and looking for the problem that causes the freespace to fuxxor.

Problem is when I mount a network drive from my slave box, dzsbot aint announcing them.
Im running ioftpd 5-8-5 with SSL and as service (firedaemon) + latest dzsbot.

People who uses dzsbot know the free announcements :
[ FREE ] + [HD1: 1.55/232.88 GB]
[ FREE ] + [HD2: 646.39/1620.89 GB]
[ FREE ] + [HD3: 518.91/1117.83 GB]

Problem is with my main ftpd,the HDs that are mounted as network drives aint showing up on the free list. Instead I get this :
[ FREE ] + [HD1: 1.55/232.88 GB]
[ FREE ] +
[ FREE ] + [HD3: 518.91/1117.83 GB]

I can make it show in VFS files, but the freespace is fukd
Now, to try and find the problem, I started with a clean install of io.
same versions offcourse. Io + dzsbot
Now, when mounting the network drive, it works fine, both in irc announcing and in vfs.
starting io as service, announce working, but vfs ****d itself. made the vfs work again.
Then I added SSL to the server, now, I get the same freespace as I got before, with the missing HD.
Removed the SSL setup again, but HD still missing in freespace lines.
Now, I need to know if any1 can help me to get this to work.
Get back the missing freespace line, and get it to work whilest SSL is enabled.

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