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Default df.exe

For some reason !free would not work anymore. and all the other posts that had fixes did not work for me. so i searched google for df.exe and found one that is bigger in size to the one dzsbot comes with. i replaced it and it works! but only will show free space on hdd. not free + total. so i had to fix dzsbot to not try to show total..

before the dzsbot edit = [>>FREE<<] ==> [DiSC:MP3: 3.97/0.00GB] - [DiSCiVX/DVDR: 16.97/0.00GB]

after dzsbot edit = [>>FREE<<] ==> [DiSC:MP3: 3.97GB] - [DiSCiVX/DVDR: 16.97GB] -

new free space line on my dzsbot.

proc show_free { nick uhost hand chan arg } {
global binary announce device disable
if { $disable(FREE) == 0 } {
set output $announce(DEFAULT)
for {set i 0} {$i < $device(TOTAL)} {incr i} {
foreach line [split [exec $binary(DF)] "\n"] {
if { [string match [lindex $line 0] [string toupper [lindex $device($i) 0]]] == 1 } {
append devices "\[[lindex $device($i) 1]: %bold[format %.2f [expr [lindex $line 3].0/1024/1024]]%boldGB\] - "
set output [replacevar $output "%msg" $devices]
set output [basicreplace $output "FREE"]
sndall "DEFAULT" $output

new df.exe file.

worked for me. if im talkin out my ass sorry.

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