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Default ioBanana Problem

Either I'm being completely "n00bish" or i've missed something, but i can't get the bot to annouce any of the !free triggers.

This is my ioss.tcl setup to define the area's:...

set ioss(arealist) "PCapps PCGames MP3 DVDR SVCD VCD Requests XBOX"

set ioss(announcechannel) "#MySiteChan"

As instructed by the comments I have commented out the "Announce Chan for specific area's" entries as I want all area's announced in the default chan.

Now.. when I execute the trigger, all I get is :...

[9:06pm]<@X|Pac> !free all
[9:48pm] <^XXX^> -:: free space ::-
[9:48pm] <^XXX^> -:: Total: 0.00mb/80.00gb ::-


[9:06pm] <@X|Pac> !free XBOX
[9:06pm] <^XXX^> -:: free space ::-

Can someone point me in the right direction, or better still give me a shotgun so I can make this less painfull.

Thx in advance
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