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Anything to change a setting from a user. I would say WriteUser which writes the current user to its file. And ReadUser which reads the user into a common memory block. And as you said (I think) LockUser/UnlockUser.
For example: Suppose I would want user X,Y,Z of group Q to have limited download connections between 08:00 and 18:00
I'd do something like (in ioFTPD.ini)
set scheduler to start at 08:00 to limit on
set scheduler to start at 18:00 to limit off
set event when ioftpd starts to set limit on/off according to time

for all users in etc\passwd
if user in (X,Y,Z) then {LockUser(user);ChangeSettings(user);WriteUser(use r);UnlockUser();}

Now I can for example set the LIMITS easily and dont have caching problems.
Similar with groups.

Well the rest you can guess..
But you already mentioned something like that before. Basically it would be ideal to have the possibilities of all the build in site commands accessible via an API.

Just my ideas..
I think what you mentioned definitely needs to be in there.
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