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Default QioSfv and QBot

Basic Sfv Checker (*Updated* v0.2.0) and Telnet Relay (v0.5.5).
  • Directory Filter
  • Ability to CHMOD Sfv, Good, and Bad Files
  • Site Rescan with CRC32 Recalculation
  • Percent Complete in Race Directory
  • User Stats in Race Directory
  • Incomplete Indicator (optionally symlink) in Section Directory
  • Supports remote sitebots by telnetting to the eggdrop. (For !site commands use ioSS)
  • Support for multiple announces using logging and/or exes with separate settings
  • Directory Filter for each announce
Download Here

Change Log:
  • Fixed QBot.tcl Update
    - FIXED: Included tcl for QBot announcing was broken AGAIN! I'm very sorry for all the problems with this simple tcl This time I copied it from telnet chopping off two lines...
  • QioSfv v0.2.0
    - FIXED: Included tcl for QBot announcing was broken for all but newdir/deldir
    - FIXED: Some of the token lists in the example configs were incorrect
    - FIXED: Total race size was usually being computed incorrectly (too small)
    - ADDED: Ability to change missing/bad names
    - ADDED: Actions to take when the bad name is already in use
    - ADDED: Total Race Stats
    - ADDED: Ability to select if an indicator is a file or a directory
    - NOTE: Changing an indicator format or type will not effect it's removal, the name and type used when creating is stored for when it is removed later (Including when upgrading from a previous version)
  • QioSfv v0.1.1
    - MAJOR FIX: Info files are now named .ioFTPD.QioSfv instead of .QioSfv.log so ioftpd will auto delete them on rmd instead of returning No Error. All old .QioSfv.log files are auto renamed to .ioFTPD.QioSfv Files when an action is performed in the directory. If you attempt to delete a directory but it returns with No Error go into the directory and perform a 'list -la'. (This can be done in FlashFxp using the Raw Command (Ctrl+R) menu option under Commands) If you see a .QioSfv.log delete it and then you will be able to delete the directory. Sorry for the inconvenience.
(Latest package has been updated with a fixed config with other updates)
QioSfv-dzsbot.conf Note:
The included dZS config is incorrect and does not work, included on the download page is also the link for a working one, even if the formatting doesn't quite fit... Thanks DcZ for pointing it out and helping me fix it and sorry for not checking it first, Enjoy.
Fix For Taglines Not Showing:
In the ioftpd.env file in ioftpd's etc directory change the TAGLINE= line to:

You will then need to restart (rehash?) io

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